Kitchen Cabinets: Choosing the Perfect Color


White remains a more popular choice for areas that are going to be decked out in white, black and grey. These custom cupboards will coordinate perfectly with a modern home or complement an elegant look, making them a versatile choice that will help them last for years regardless of how many remodels a home sees or what style a homeowner prefers.

On the downside, white shows dirt easier than any other color. If the house is full of small children with dirty hands, homeowners are going to feel as though they spend half of their day scrubbing dirt off of the doors and drawers, particularly if they are place in high traffic areas. This color also shows dirt and dents easier than any other color, as well as imperfections like scratches. Homeowners with several children, or grandchildren, that are always in and out of the eating area may want to consider another option.


Custom black rta cabinets will add a sleek look to any modern home. This color will not show every single smudge or fingerprint, letting homeowners wipe them down when they have the time to instead of when they can see the dirty smudges.

The primary downside to owning custom black cabinetry is that it tends to show scratches just as easily as white ones, if not more so. The only other con listed by consumers is that black is simply not as versatile as white. These will complement modern styles, but won't look well if a homeowners wants to remodel and change everything over to a traditional style.


Custom grey rta cabinets may seem a bit outside of the box, but that is exactly what makes this color so popular. Instead of wood or going with a black and white, grey allows homeowners to showcase their unique personality and style. They also give the perfect combination of pros from both black and white. For example, they coordinate wonderfully with several different decorating schemes, from modern to elegant. Grey will not hide dirt as easily as black, but it won't show dirt the same way that white does either. It doesn't show scratches as much, but doesn't completely hide them either.

Custom Grey kitchen cabinets give the perfect balance between the benefits and downfalls of black and white.


Wood kitchen cupboards come in a variety of colors, but the same basics of black white and grey can be applied to the shade of wood. For example, darker woods will show scratches easier, but they will not show dirt as well. Lighter colored wood is more versatile, and will stand the test of time as it coordinates perfectly with one remodel after another.

The important thing to consider when choosing wooden rta kitchen cabinets is the type of wood. Harder woods are usually suggested due to their durability.

Designing rta kitchen cabinets is a great way for couples to make their home look unique as they showcase their personality through every single detail of their home.

Selecting a Sink Without a Cabinet

You don't have to go with a sink that has a cabinet underneath it. There are plenty of other choices that may be more appealing to you. With a wall hung sink, you can open up some of the area and that may allow the room to look larger. This type of design also gives the room a current look versus one that is older or basic. It may be something you haven't seen in a home very often.

If you already have enough storage, you can do without the cabinet under the sink. Some households don't have much to store in the bathroom so it doesn't matter. For a kitchen, there is often enough other locations for storage so this can be a viable choice to consider.


There are several styles to pick from if you are interested in a wall hung sink. Some of them are round and others are rectangular. Some have only one area where the water comes out and others have two. Take a peek at these choices before you make up your mind about what you will buy. That way you don't come across one later on that you wish you had purchased instead.


When it comes to the materials for a wall hung sink, there are two primary choices. Those made from porcelain are white and very durable. They tend to be heavier than those made from stainless steel or aluminum which are silver. Think about the colour you want and the look you want to help you narrow it down.

It may depend on the other components in your kitchen or bathroom to help you make up your mind. You may be interested in only adding the wall hung sink or it may be one of many upgrades you plan to make in that room of your home.


It is important to understand the mounting instructions for any wall hung sink you purchase. They need to be properly secured to the wall to make sure they are safe and they don't pull away. You also need to make sure you get it on there straight because if it is angled it won't look nice at all. Use a level to ensure you get it at the right height and straight across.

You can choose to mount the wall hung sink on your own or you can hire a professional to do it for you. It is a two person job though so if you want to do it on your own, you will need to ask someone else to assist you. It is a good idea to use a stud finder too so you don't have to guess where to secure it to the wall.


The cost for such a sink will depend on where buy it, the brand, and the quality. It will also depend on the size and the materials it is made from. As you shop around, you can take note of the options you want and compare prices on those. Don't be in a rush to buy such a product, take your time to find one that is exceptional in how it looks and how it functions.

Some consumers assume this type of product will be out of their price range. Yet they are thrilled to discover it costs far less than they imagined. Don't rule out getting such a sink because you don't think it will fit with your budget. It certainly doesn't hurt to spend some time looking around and comparing offers. Then you can smile when you find one that is in you budget!

Country Kitchen Cabinets: Popular From C to C

When they hear “country”, some people think “basic”, “backwards” or “out of touch”; and those are the kinder terms. But in the context of kitchen cabinets, “country” refers to a warm and welcoming kitchen style that is growing in popularity.

While the exact definition of country kitchen will vary from region to region and even among designers, it is generally characterized by lots of natural light and ample counter space, resulting in a room that is both beautiful and functional. And just as kitchen cabinets play a key role in shaping their surroundings, they are also an important component when it comes to putting the “country” in country kitchens. Exactly how they do that, though, is up to you and your gifted custom designer.

It's All Relative

Country kitchens are far from simple. At the same time, they can be the perfect way to recall a simpler era. If you have fond memories of large family meals in grandma's kitchen – even as she got older and started cooking the vegetables until they were mush – you can harken back to that time and recreate the moments, minus the mush, with a few simple ingredients.

Start by staining the island base for a tarnished look, throw in a butcher-block countertop balanced by white kitchen cabinets, and ta-da! You have a virtual time machine that will honor those memories while leaving the mush where it belongs: In the past.

“Moo-ers” and Shakers

If you like the traditional approach to country kitchens, consider blending farmhouse and Shaker elements. Imagine furniture-style kitchen cabinets and a large farmhouse sink topped by two generous windows to maximize natural light and create an airy feel. You can almost hear your grandma calling you in for dinner as she stands at the sink, except that THIS time, it's safe to ignore her.

Show it, don't Stow it

These days, we view kitchen utensils the way teenagers see their parents: Good for certain purposes, but best hidden from sight when your friends arrive. Rather than running from clutter, however, country kitchens embrace it. Hanging pots and pans in plain sight rather than stashing them in kitchen cabinets gives a more personal feeling to the room and conjures up a different age when people and their places were far more open.

Take it Personally

To enhance the nostalgic feel of a country-style kitchen, try furnishing it with classic items, either from your own collection or sourced from antique stores. Salvaged kitchen cabinets or a vintage farm chair are perfect complements to a time-honored décor. Just make sure you test out that chair before you sit on it or you'll have to salvage your ego while you're at it.

Do it White the First Time

As our grandparents demonstrated time and again, the best approach is often the simplest one. The same principle applies to country kitchens, where a “less is more” philosophy can be highly effective, and it doesn't get much “less” than all white. Especially in a small space, white kitchen cabinets, walls and drawers really open things up and convey a friendly, welcoming sentiment. Add wood flooring and detailing such as beadboard on your kitchen cabinets to balance the look. When you're done, stand back and give yourself credit for taking the white approach.

Once you sort through the misinformation about the country kitchen, you come to appreciate it as a warm, welcoming design scheme flooded with natural light. And if someone dares to call it “backward”, don't worry. You'll be too immersed in those memories of simpler times and cherished loved ones to even hear them.

Cabinets Are An Important Decision In Kitchen Remodeling

Selecting the right cabinets for kitchen remodeling is essential to the success of the overall design of the room. Not only are they the primary source of storage for the room, but they also serve to tie together the backsplash, countertops and appliances. They are also usually the most expensive part of the project. Fortunately, cabinets come at a variety of price points in many different materials and colors. There are even a few do-it-yourself options for existing ones, so you should not have any trouble finding something that suits your decor and budget.

When selecting cabinets for your kitchen remodel, think about how you want them to look in your home and how much of your budget you are willing to spend. The craftsmanship, hardware, materials, design, and level of customization dictate the cost. Generally, there are three basic types with varying levels of customization. In-stock cabinets are the most economical option because they are not customized. They are pre-made, often pre-finished and can be purchased at home improvement stores, ready to install. Semi-custom models are a more expensive option. They come in a wider selection of materials, sizing, styles, and finishes and are selected from existing designs. The manufacturer will work closely with the person who designed your kitchen remodel. However, turnaround time from design approval to delivery can be 12 to 14 weeks. Finally, custom cabinets are made entirely from your specifications for size, material, finish, and hardware. This is a good option for odd-sized rooms and is not necessarily the most expensive option. A complete custom job can be more affordable than semi-custom models because you can select the materials, finishes and hardware. Talk to the firm handling your kitchen remodeling about your budget and the look you are trying to achieve to figure out which option is best.

There are also a few cheap alternatives to replacing your cabinets entirely. If you do not like the way they look, but replacing them is not in your budget, you may want to consider painting them. Start by cleaning them with a mixture of oxygenated bleach and dish detergent. Then, sand or use a liquid deglosser if the surfaces are glossy or use a primer if they are stained wood. If you decide to paint, you will need to remove all the knobs, pulls and hinges. While you are at it, you may want to replace the hardware with something to coordinate with the new color scheme. This simple switch will have a subtle but noticeable impact.

Alternatively, removing the cabinet doors is a free way to modify the room. If you do not have pets or a pest problem and do not mind storing your glasses and dishes neatly, it may work for you. Designers suggest that you experiment with the look for a week to make sure that you like it, then remove the fittings to make the change permanent.

Kitchen remodeling has the potential to add thousands of dollars to your home's value. Regardless of your budget, you should be able to create a room in which you enjoy spending time.

Should I Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online?

Nowadays we can buy many different products and services online, and kitchen cabinets are no exception. With an increasingly large choice of items on the market, all just the click of a mouse and a PayPal payment away, it is easier than ever to have access to the ideal product to complete the interior decor of your dreams.

With that said, many people ask the question whether or not is it a good idea to buy kitchen cabinets online, as they are worried that it is easy to end up with an inferior quality product that is impossible to return, and therefore waste a considerable amount of their hard-earned money.

These concerns are absolutely justified, and anyone considering buying a product or service of any kind online is advised to be cautious when spending their money. With that said, there are many reasons why this option could be ideal for you.

Firstly, consider that the internet provides you with a much wider choice of items than you can likely get in your local area. Although you may end up buying from a local company or store, browsing online can provide you with instant access to many more styles of kitchen furniture that you can dream of.

This may be enough to tempt you to buy kitchen cabinets online if you find exactly the right product you are looking for. Otherwise, your online ‘window shopping' can provide you with enough inspiration to then return to a local store and ask if they have anything similar to what you have seen on various manufacturers' websites.

If you do decide to purchase online, you do need to be aware of a few things in order to ensure that your shopping experience goes without a hitch. Firstly, make sure that you have accurate measurements for your kitchen so you know exactly which items to buy to fit into your interior space.

Many of the most reputable companies that offer kitchen cabinets to buy via their websites offer a 3D virtual modelling service that will provide you with an accurate image of what your kitchen will look like when fitted out with the products of your choice. This is usually available for only a small fee, and some companies will allow you to make several revisions before giving the option to buy.

Secondly, it is always wise to request a sample of any large fitting like this that you are thinking of investing in. When you buy kitchen cabinets online, check to see that the retailer can send you a free or reasonably priced sample of the item you are thinking of purchasing. This will allow you to examine the quality of the item, as well as its appearance, in the comfort of your own home.

If this isn't possible, then you should try to travel to the company's showroom if they have one in order to see the product in real life. If this isn't feasible either, it is critically important that you are able to view an extensive collection of images of the product in a real kitchen before you finally hit that ‘buy' button.

If all else fails, you must absolutely make sure that the company you want to buy kitchen cabinets from offers a reliable and rapid returns and refund policy, just in case the product that you receive is far from what you expected.

In conclusion, you should absolutely buy your kitchen furniture online if you are unable to find the ideal product in your local vicinity, as you will discover much more choice when purchasing from online suppliers. With that said, exercise caution by selecting accurately measured products, ordering a sample first or visiting a showroom, and checking for a good returns and refund policy.