21 Disney Movie Details That You May Have Never Noticed

Imgur user Rizzivision recently published a fascinating pole outlining a series of interesting details from different Disney/ Pixar films.

The list is full of minuscule observations et cross-references to other films in the Disney/ Pixar macrocosm that will make any cinema geek giddy. If you enjoy reading about interesting and whimsical details in films, be sure to check out the subreddit / r/ MovideDetails!

[ via Rizzivision on Imgur]

1. In The Lion King, unlike the other lions, Scara

s claws are always displayed throughout the movie.

2. In Cars, the runs are actually minuscule VW' Bugs’ with wings

3. In Zootopia, while Officer Judy Hopps is ticketing cars around the city, she never crosses wall street illegally. She always consumes a crosswalk and searches both highways before crossing

4. In Monsters Inc, Sullya

s chair has a defect in it to accommodate his tail.

5. In Cars the truck stop advertises a

convertible waitressesa

i.e ., topless.

6. In Ratatouille, Anton Egoa

s typewriter resembles a skull and its term of office a coffin.

7. In Inside Out, two of the remember orb on the shelves include stages from Up. One features Carl& Elliea

s marry, while the other shows their house.

8. In Toy Story, Woody is captured in a crate which is stuck under a a


tool-box. Binford is the fictional implement busines in the TV depict Home Improvement which performed Tim Allen, the tone of Buzz Lightyear.

9. After the plane is blown up in The Incredible, Helen( Elastigirl) knows the plane debris is going to fall on them due to seeing the thought in the water.

10. In The Little Mermaid when King Triton is acquainted, “youre seeing” Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Kermit the Frog in the crowd.

11. In Hercules, the Fates tell Hades all the planets will align but exclusively present 6 planets. These are the 5 planets plus World that the ancient Greeks were aware of and could see with the naked eye.

12. In The Brave Little Toaster, all of the walls in the cabin are scavenged only as high as Blanky can reach.

13. In Perceiving Nemo, Bruce the shark starts hollering when Marlin starts talking about Nemo, saying a

I never knew my fathera

. Male sharks teammate with the girl then leave, so baby sharks never actually fill their father.

14. The Magic Carpet from Aladdin makes an appearance in Moana

15. The hold up vistum in the Incredibles is an homage to a similar place from Die Hard with a Vengeance, which too starred Samuel L. Jackson.

16. In Toy Story 3, Buzz Lightyeara

s artilleries are exposed registering the Buy n Large brand, the same companionship responsible for drawing WALL-E.

17. In Monsters, Inc. the committee is various sizings of coffee cup for each of the differences among sized monsters.

18. In Inside Out, while going through Imagination Land, video games box can be seen in the background with Nemo on it called, Find Me.

19. In Coco, you can see a poster for The Incredibles.

20. Insuricare, the company that offers a

automobile life insurancea

to the cars in Cars 2, is the equivalent firm Bob Parr works for in The Incredibles.

21. At the end of Ratatouille, Anton Ego is a little bit fatter. This is harrowing since he regimes, a

I dona

t like nutrient, I cherish it … if I dona

t love it I dona

t swallow.a

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What to Expect From iOS 12 When It Launches (Very Soon)

Shiny brand-new hardware usually steals the present at Apple’s annual iPhone happen each fail. But the liberate of iOS 12 is noteworthy in its own title, particularly for the update’s major security enhancements. Think of it this lane: Even if you don’t plan to buy a brand-new iDevice, this kind of software update can sometimes freshen the phone or tablet you already own so that it seems new.

The final form of iOS 12 hasn’t launched yet–keep an eye out for it the week after the iPhone phenomenon. In the meantime, we’ve been meddling with the public beta, which was released the summer months. Here’s what you can expect to get with iOS 12.

Tidier, Less Stressful Notifications


Notifications on iOS used to be kind of a catastrophe. Did your group chit-chat “blow ones stack”? Prepare yourself for a fasten screen utterly dominated by notification containers. How about if your tweet only moved viral? Good prosperity delving to find the notifications you really wanted to read.

iOS 12 eventually helps this issue by grouping notifications automatically together after a few have accumulated. It's also easier to quickly tweak your penchants to reject stuff that's piled up–Apple calls this piece Instant Tuning( swipe left and tap Manage ), and it lets you silence individual apps without opening your phone and diving into the Settings app. In terms of reducing jumble and stress, these were some badly-needed enhancements.

Measure Up


You know how your iPhone has supplanted your camera, MP3 player, flashlight, alarm clock, mobile phone, and countless other daily widgets? Get ready for it to replace your tape measure. With the iPhone's camera, iOS 12 comes with a built-in Value app that uses augmented actuality tech to help you find the dimensions of stationary objects.

It's easy to use and amazingly accurate( it is helpful if you're in a well-lit office ), letting you discern the section, diameter, or height of an objective. It even measures across a diagonal. Smaller square and rectangular objects are automatically realise, giving you fast dimensional and surface area measurements. Whether you're buying chassis for artwork or inspecting sofas at Ikea, this app is sure to give its keep on your dwelling screen.

AR measurement apps already exist–some furniture and residence improvement retailers have pieces like this built into their AR apps–but by reeling this out as an Apple app, the company is trying to make augmented world even further into the mainstream. This is but a savour of what developers applying ARKit will be able to implement in future iOS apps.

Clever Siri Suggestions


If you use iOS's search functionality at all, you'll be familiar with Siri shows. Among interesting thing, this feature settles some of your most-used and contextually related apps readily within reach without “re going to have to” category. Now you'll look another container beneath those apps that inhabits with what Siri thinks your next move are due to be. iOS 12 is lending in better, more deft suggestions when you might need them the most.

Missed a announcement or a verse from your friend? Siri will proactively indicate you reach out and reply. Siri can even pick up on situation evidences in your messages–certain mentions will trigger Siri to offer up Do Not Disturb mode to make sure you're not distracted.

‘Hey Siri, Will Shortcuts Make My Life Easier ?'


Speaking of your phone's expression assistant, Siri Shortcuts — and Shortcuts in general–are two additional iOS 12 aspects that will help you squeeze more quality out of your expensive glass slab.

Shortcuts is the clear descendant of Workflow, a utility app that Apple acquired back in March 2017. Workflow was an app that let you automate a fibre of app affairs; you could, for example, curriculum the Photos app to turn your last three photos into a GIF, or, rapidly tap on a workflow to have an iMessage sent to your marriage whenever you start your commute. Now, Apple’s Shortcuts will do the same.

The mildly confounding situation about Shortcuts is that it exists both as functions within apps and as its own, standalone app. So you could, in theory, never download Apple’s Shortcuts app and still use Shortcuts. That’s because you can access these immediate inspires via Siri, more. If a third-party app has been updated to support Shortcuts, it will furnish you a prompt when you perform a certain action in the app and ask you if you want to create a Siri Shortcut. One sample is Surfline: The app will ask if you want to create a Siri Shortcut for a surf report from a specific location. 10% Happier, a popular reflection app, is another one that lets you call up a daily reflection only by using your voice.

It’s a course for iOS to integrate more deeply with other apps, and likewise start Siri look a little bit smarter at the same time.

Apple Plays Catch Up to Google Photos


When Google exhausted its Google Photos app in 2015, it immediately placed a new standard for what every other basic photo gallery and storage app are due to be. And while it hasn’t always the case perfect–one terrible incident including with regard to substantiated the shortcomings of machine-learning technology–it seems like every other photo app has been playing catch up since then, including Apple’s Photos.

With iOS 12, Apple is out to prove that it can become your Photos experience this is something that smarter. A new “For You” tab( which looks a lot like Apple Music’s “For You” tab, in matters of placement and icon pattern) ousts “Memories” in the boundary. It compiles photos based on locale, like “Home” or “Poipu”; on time of year, like “Last Spring”; and on photo categories, like “Portraits Over the Years.” This new section in Photos too establishes Featured Photos, intimates Impact, like composing loops, and presentations Shared Album activities. And in Albums, if you scroll down past your media, you can style for your content based on media character( like Videos, Selfies, or Time-lapses ).

It’s still not perfect as it runs now in the public beta, where bugs are to be expected. In our time with it, the Photos app has assembled photos from a bachelorette junket and labeled them “Home, ” and sometimes faces are misidentified.

There are other small changes in photo-sharing alternatives that might throw brand-new iOS 12 customers, like the fact that the gallery icon now appears in the upper left hand area of the screen when you go to share a photo in iMessages. But overall, the Photos experience seems much more organized.

Screen Hour: Endlessly Useful, Also Ignorable


Like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Apple is now offering screen-time management tools that are supposed to help you inhibit your smartphone craving. Within Settings in iOS 12, there’s a dedicated Screen Time section, where you can set limits for certain apps, planned phone downtime for yourself, and place material and privacy rules. You’ll likewise get a peek of your overall app habit, which, as I write this berth, is at 12 hours above average. 41 of those minutes this morning are applied to social media. Eek. Several of my apps are once grayed out, because I’ve outdid my own time limits.

But the iOS 12 app restrictions are also easy to neglect: You literally sounds “Ignore” when it pops up, and then the tool asks if you want to be reminded again in a little while, or if you want to ignore limits totally for the working day. Screen Time might be most useful as a broader remembrance , not an in-the-moment remembrance that you can swipe away. Simply gaining the knowledge that you’re expend hours per day on social media, and a fraction of that time in productivity apps, might be enough to acquire you rethink your phone usage.

And that wants more hour for living your life off your iPhone, and instead doing interesting thing. Concepts you will surely feel the push to share on your phone.

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North Carolina resident: Why this time feels different

( CNN) Before moving to North Carolina's Lower Cape Fear nearly 30 years ago, I'd never watched the eye of a typhoon firsthand. Then, in 1996, I got to experience the strange pacify of the eye not formerly, but twice — when hurricanes Bertha and Fran wiped over Wilmington within seven weeks of each other.

My then-wife and I always did what most people on the Cape Fear coast have done: We travel out every gale, with almost a sense of disregard. It didn't problem that we lived in a creaky 90 -year-old, wood-frame home surrounded by cruel trees. Hurricane Bertha — a Category 2 rain — rind off our ceiling shingles as if scaling a fish. But in a short time, we had a brand-new roof and were ready for the next storm.

Eastern North Carolina has a long record of riding out hurricanes. But people here are taking typhoon preparedness more seriously than ever. Since the late 1990 s, coastal flooding from storms has become more frequent and serious. With our present pilgrim, Florence, the most arresting gap is that it's a Category 4. The Carolinas ought to have slammed by merely two blizzards of that brutality before — Hazel in 1954 and Hugo in 1989 — and they are legendary.

Buying furniture online? Here’s 4 all-too common mistakes to avoid

We don't need to tell you about the clevernes of online shop: Site, clink, and presto! You've time afforded your part house in a matter of minutes.

But for how easy online furniture supermarket is, it's equally easy to screw up. Badly.

Maybe you merely glided the return policy. Or perhaps the colour you thought was forest green is actually more like lime. And don't even get us started on the damaged bits that showed up with the 6-foot entertainment center. It's enough to push a sane person over the edge.

Looks — especially online — is to be able to deceive. Lighting, camera directions, and styling can make that chair a different piece of furniture absolutely once it's sitting in your living room.

More From Realtor.com

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The ambitious real estate unicorn Opendoor just made its first acquisition, snapping up Open Listings

Opendoor, a four year-old, San Francisco-based companionship, has from the outset intended to make it possible to buy and sell residential real estate with a few key movements. It seemingly get a little bit closer to that brash see by the day. The companionship shut on $325 million in new funding in June in a round that returned its total equity funding to $645 million to date — and its valuation to more than $ 2 billion. The company has also heightened $1.75 billion in debt, and two sources are talking about more funding from SoftBank is imminent.

Opendoor's cofounder and CEO, Eric Wu, which have already been cofounded two other companionships, won't answer questions about SoftBank when asked. But there's no question the company is one of “the worlds largest” capital-intensive startups on the representation currently. Opendoor bids on residences sight unseen, agrees to buy them, then — contingent on an inspection to verify the quality of the residence (” sometimes purchasers aren't aware of things like foundation issues ,” justifies Wu) — it exchanges them, blaming a reward of” about 6 percent ,” he says.( Recent reports claim this amount can reach as high as 13 percent .)

To date, the company has significantly been working with people who need to sell their dwellings soon because of a new job or other life occurrence. By exploiting Opendoor, moves the pitch, they don't get stuck paying for two mortgages when they can't render it. Yet Opendoor increasingly wants to help them buy that next live, more. Toward that expiration, the company has just acquired Open Listings, a four-year-old, L.A.-based startup that has aimed to make it easier and cheaper for purchasers to buy residences by automating much of what an worker would do, thus reducing the cost an operator would traditionally take.

Opendoor isn't saying what it's paying for Open Listings, which had raised $7.6 million from investors over its first year, including Y Combinator, Matrix Spouse, Arena Ventures, and Initialized Capital. But all of Open Listings' 45 hires will join the 900 the staff members of Opendoor, and the move gets Opendoor into a handful of brand-new metropolis in which it wasn't already operating, including San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, L.A ., and Chicago.

The deal was also a very natural fit, shows Wu. He says he encountered Open Listings cofounder and CEO Judd Schoenholtz in 2015, when Schoenholtz — through YC's alumni network — approached Wu, whose last-place companionship had surpassed through YC's program. Schoenholtz” contacted out and wanted to share what they were trying to solve in real estate, this is why we fulfilled up and talked about questions we attended and our respective comings . . . Judd was starting with the buyer side, and we were starting with the sales side, and we continued to share notes on how we were solving both .”

The acquisition is the very first for Opendoor, though one senses it's just the beginning of same tie-ups. In a request yesterday, Wu referred to other initiatives that Opendoors is exploring, including a kind of financing business, which Wu has been talking about for yearsbut that reverberates closer it is now time fruition.” We're doing some things around mortgages that will integrated into the shopping ordeal ,” says Wu, without wanting to elaborate greatly. Home improvement credits may also be on the horizon.( Wu says Opendoor” likewise wants to enable home purchasers to personalize their experience .”)

Opendoor is also labor more closely with makes, forming partnerships with” 19 of the 25 largest dwelling builders in the country over the last 18 months ,” says Wu. The theory is for Opendoor's customers to put down a deposit on a brand-new residence, with Opendoor controlling softly in the background to both facilitate opt a closing date, as well as to sell those customers' previous homes.

The big question, as always, is what Opendoor does in a sustained grocery nosedive. The firm is supposedly on speed to waste more than $2.5 billion on home acquires over the following financial year. Yet buying residences is a involved affair. For starters, after Opendoor acquires each home, it has to ensure the residence is up to code in order to resell it. Surely, though the company is willing to buy dwellings constructed after 1960, Wu says a growing extent of its inventorying was constructed no earlier than 1990.

Hanging on to its inventory, which Opendoor does for 90 daylights on average, appears to have been constituted an similarly big threat, particularly given that the casing marketplace is highly sensitive to interest rates and other macroeconomic causes that could prompt a market cool-off. We may even be seeing early signs of one right now.

Wu doesn't seem referred, focused as he is on creating a kind of virtuous cycle of residence buying. Queried about residence busines slowdowns, he shrugs off the issues to. Maybe he needs to operate that behavior, given the bold imagination of Opendoor.

Says Wu when talk turns to rising mortgage rates and germinating brand-new home inventory,” We have a world-class pricing team to trail data on a national and subdivision level that informs[ what we do ].” As for the condition of the dwelling busines,” we aren't explaining ,” he says.

Pictured above, to allow them to freedom: Eric Wu and Judd Schoenholtz .

Read more: https :// techcrunch.com/ 2018/09/ 11/ the-ambitious-real-estate-unicorn-opendoor-just-made-its-first-acquisition-snapping-up-open-listings /