Lowes Ventures backs Moved, a startup that makes moving less stressful

Adam Pittenger known to be moving is tough — after all, he said he's moved eight goes in the past seven years.

Pittenger said that there are several reasons set out above the process is to be able to traumatic, like the facts of the case that most people aren't group of experts on moving, since they don't do it as often as him( earnestly, eight periods is crazy ). Plus, there's just an enormous amount of the scheme and coordination involved, whether it's hiring movers, buying packing materials or putting your stuffs into storage.

So Pittenger decided to become the whole process a great deal easier by founding Moved. Moving, he said,” doesn't have to be that stressful ,” because with Moved, you get” a personal assistant arranging all the elements of your move .”

Moved is announcing that it's promoted $3.2 million in seed funding from Lowe's Ventures( the early-stage investment weapon of the dwelling better being ), FJ Labs, AngelPad, Real Estate Technology Ventures and others.

To sign up for Moved, you fill out a questionnaire about where you're moving to and from, and what kinds of services you need. Moved( available via desktop network or mobile app) will then reach out to movers and provide you with numerou quotes from which you can choose.


And while, as Pittenger articulated it,” the immediate concept “youre going to” do is bible the movers ,” Moved offers a broader range of services, like prescribing packing plies, helping you give stuff you don't need anymore, meeting a storage legion, revising your address, knowing painters and more.

Moving can also be expensive, so the company has announced a partnership with Affirm, where Affirm's financing will allow you to break up the moving expenses into monthly payments.

To be clear, Moved isn't doing the moving itself — instead, it's basically connecting you to a marketplace of movers and other service providers. Pittenger said the company is” very strict about the providers and the marketers” and will remove them if patrons aren't joyful with their experience.

Moved is managing all of this through a real, human assistant who can help you figure out what is necessary, direct the scheduling and serve as a” purchaser counselor” who ensures that you're not going ripped off.

Pittenger said the service is free for customers, with a reward shall be charged against vendors at the time of reserve. And it's available in all regions of the United States.

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