Arrest made in gunpoint robbery of North Carolina boy’s lemonade stand

Police in North Carolina have arrested a male adolescent suspected of stripping a 9-year-old boy's lemonade stand of $17 over the weekend, jurisdictions said Wednesday.

The Union County Sheriff's Office told Fox 46 the unidentified teenage was tasked with burglary with a hazardous artillery and self-possession of stimulant paraphernalia.

The young drink seller, identified only as Mark, was held up at gunpoint Saturday while hawking lemonade at a traffic circle near the entryway to his community in Monroe. Police said the suppose sauntered up to Mark, targeted a grease-gun at his tummy and involved he hand over the money he'd earned.

The suspect fled the background with the money. Investigators afterward discovered a cloak hat, a metal tin and a black Bb gun in a nearby wooded area.


Authorities told Fox 46 Wednesday that they attained surveillance video demo a person joining the suspect's description in the field of the theft, enabling them to make an arrest.

Mark was planning to save the money to buy a mower for his second responsibility mowing lawns, “his fathers” told Fox 46.

After participating news reports about the crime, officials at the Lowe's home improvement chain gave Mark a $1,100 riding mower on Monday. The company headquarters is in the Charlotte area.

A woman identified as Mark's mother told The Associated Press that her son sold lemonade at all levels of society reserve the day after the robbery and mustered $256 in donations.

Fox News' Katherine Lam and The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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